Maximizing Your Graduation Alliance Experience: A Look at the Login Process

Grad Alliance is a login page for a website called Gradually, which offers a platform for tracking graduation progress and university requirements.

Graduation Alliance is a non-profit organization that aims to increase the graduation rate of high school students in the United States, particularly for students from low-income backgrounds and students of colour. They provide various services, such as academic counselling, mentoring, and college readiness programs, to help students stay on track to graduate and prepare for post-secondary education.

However, the website needs to provide further information or a description on the homepage. The website includes a login page service. It’s recommended to reach out to the universities or the Gradually customer service for more information about the service.

Access Graduation Alliance Login Requirements

  • URL for Graduation Alliance Login.
  • Users must have a valid Username and Password to access the Graduation Alliance webpage.
  • It would be ideal to have a strong internet connection, a capable web browser, a phone, or a Pc.
  • Before you begin the login process, ensure you have dependable internet security software installed on your computer, like Avast Internet Security.
  • Browser Use Safari or Chrome
  • Therefore, if you have the necessary Graduation Alliance login information, please log in using the instructions below.

How to Graduation Alliance Login

Please follow the steps to log In to your Graduation Alliance Account.

Graduation Alliance Log In
Log In
  • Go to the official Graduation Alliance  Website.
  • Scroll Down & go to the Login Portal.
  • Put Email and Password must be entered in the text box.
  • To access your account after that, please click on login.
  • You are login in successfully to Graduation Alliance Portal.

How to Recover Graduation Alliance Login Password

Please, follow these below simple steps to successfully reset your Graduation Alliance password:

Graduation Alliance Recover Username or Password
Recover Username or Password
  • Navigate to the Graduation Alliance login Webpage.
  • Scroll Down & click on Reset your password.
  • To reset your password, please enter the Email linked to your account and tap to Submit.
Graduation Alliance User Id
User Id
  • Open your mail and click on the active link to retrieve your password.
  • Keep following the instructions to recover your Graduation Alliance login details or password.

Benefits of Graduation Alliance

  1. On-demand solutions for students who have dropped out or are seeking to complete their education, specifically for dropout recovery and adult diploma.
  2. Accreditation from organizations like NCAA and ACE CREDIT.
  3. A team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping students succeed.
  4. Opportunities for job training and placement.
  5. Access to resources such as success stories, press releases, and a blog that provides information on education and employment.

Graduation Alliance Customer Service

  • If you have any queries, open the Graduation Alliance page and contact us.
  • Also, Contact them through the number they provide 1.855.486.8855.


What is Graduation Alliance?

Graduation Alliance is an organization that helps train and prepare students for gainful employment.

What services does Graduation Alliance offer?

Graduation Alliance offers On-Demand Solutions, Dropout Recovery, and Adult Diploma services.

Is Graduation Alliance accredited?

Yes, Graduation Alliance is accredited by NCAA and ACE CREDIT.

How can I request more information about Graduation Alliance?

You can request more information about Graduation Alliance by visiting their website or calling 1.855.486.8855.

Are there any news or success stories about Graduation Alliance?

Graduation Alliance has press releases and a blog on its website that features success stories.