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Who Is Don Lemon First Wife? Is He Married to Stephanie Ortiz?

don lemon first wife
don lemon first wife

The marriage between Don Lemon and his first wife, Stephanie Ortiz, has been a hot topic for discussion on almost all social media platforms lately.

While there are reports and different sources claiming that Don Lemon and Stephanie Ortiz got married in a secret ceremony, no official source confirms the news that Don Lemon first wife is Stephanie Ortiz

As Don Lemon is a popular television personality and journalist, people are keen to know more about his marriage and his rumoured first wife. If you want to learn more about Don Lemon’s first wife and discover the truth about their marriage, read along. 

Who is Don Lemon’s First Wife?

Popular American actress Stephanie Ortiz is rumoured to be Don Lemon’s first wife. Even though the rumours of Don Lemon marrying Stephanie Ortiz took the world by storm, the news was discarded as Don Lemon came out as gay.

As for Stephanie Ortiz, she has been a part of some popular movies like The Love Portion, Inside a Change, and A kiss of Chaos. Ortiz was born on 17th July 1982 in Azusa, California, USA. 

Her father used to work as a correctional officer while her mom was a homemaker. Apart from Stephanie, the couple has two more kids named Janae and David. 

Just like acting, Stephanie was also interested in sports as a university student. Ortiz used to play games like volleyball and water polo and was also a swim team member.

After completing her high school education, Ortiz enrolled at Johnson University, where she studied counselling and Biblical Studies, and she graduated in 2014. 

Apart from the university, Ortiz also attended Los Altos High School, where she received training in drama under Craig Fox. 

Who is Stephanie Ortiz’s Husband?

The name of Stephanie Ortiz’s husband is Bryan. Stephanie Ortiz, rumoured to be Don Lemon’s first wife, evidently had been in a relationship for quite some time. Even though they had been together for a long time, not much information about Bryan is available. 

Stephanie and Bryan prefer to keep the details of their relationship away from unwanted attention. Even though very little is known about Bryan and Stephanie, sources claim that they had both been in a relationship for over fifteen months and that the couple exchanged their marital vows in 2020. 

Another major reason why not much information is available about the couple is their absence from major social media platforms.

Even though she is an actress, Stephanie Ortiz lacks accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and thereby, fans have very little to absolutely no insight into her or her boyfriend’s personal lives. It is not even clear whether the couple has welcomed any kids yet or not.

Stephanie Ortiz Career

Stephanie Ortiz is a popular actress who has been active in show business since her early days. Stephanie stepped into the industry as a model and actress at 13, appearing in campaigns for brands like iTunes, Puma, Benetton, and many others. 

Even though she was a successful model in her younger days, the film was her real passion for Ortiz, and she worked her way through it. 

After her career as a successful model, Stephanie Ortiz completely dominated the small screen. She made her television debut through the popular show ‘The Roof’ and later, she shined as a successful entertainment reporter. 

Ortiz was liked by the audience for her charismatic personality and the slightly humorous way she conducted celebrity interviews. During her career as a television personality, Ortiz worked as a host for shows like La Kalle 105.9 FM, which is the number one Spanish-language radio show in New York, American Latino TV, and a few more. 

Even while she had a commendable career on television, Ortiz never gave up on her dream to be an actress in a feature film. She made her dream a reality through the film The Love Portion

The movie was co-produced by Ortiz and directed by Danny Hastings. Later on, she went on to participate in different other projects like The Grasslands, Last Exit Before Toll, Los Blancos, Night At the Opera, A Kiss of Chaos, and many more. 

Stephanie Ortiz’s Net Worth

Based on the latest reports, the net worth of Stephanie Ortiz is approximately $2.5 million – $3 million. Ortiz built her net worth through her successful ventures and projects in modelling, television, and film.

While she used to work as a professional model, Ortiz was a part of projects associated with big brands like Levi’s, Benetton, Puma, and so on. 

As for her career as a television personality, Ortiz succeeded in her role as an entertainment reporter and was also the host of some of the best shows on television. Slowly making her way into mainstream films, Stephanie Ortiz was able to repeat her success in movies too. 

She became a part of some great movies, and throughout their careers, she also took on the producer role. All these successes have greatly increased her net worth. 

Was Stephanie Ortiz Ever Married To Don Lemon?

The news of Stephanie Ortiz being Don Lemon’s first wife is only a rumour. Either Stephanie Ortiz or Don Lemon has stated that they got married earlier in life, or there are not enough credible sources to back the information. 

As the news about their marriage spread, merit or the celebrities denied the news or confirmed it, which led many people to believe that Stephanie Ortiz was married to Don Lemon. 

There are many reasons to claim that Stephanie Ortiz and Don Lemon were never married or even involved in a romantic relationship. 

There is no information or picture of the celebrities spending time together or a single photo of their alleged wedding. Another important piece of information revealed by Don Lemon, which does not suggest a marriage, was about his sexual orientation. 

Don Lemon Relationship Status

Don Lemon is currently involved in a relationship with Tim Malone. While many rumours claim Don Lemon is married to Stephanie Ortiz, both celebrities have not officially confirmed the news. 

With much shock to his fans, Don Lemon came out as gay through his memoir “Transparent,” published in 2011. 

The news about Don Lemon’s sexuality shocked his fans, as they believed that he was in a relationship with actress Stephanie Ortiz and that they got married in a secret ceremony.

Don Lemon, the outspoken anchor of ‘CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” revealed that he was in a relationship with Tim Malone, a real estate agent. Lemn and Malone met for the first time in 2015 and eventually started dating. They had been together ever since. 

Is Don Lemon Married To Someone Else? Who Is He Dating In 2023?

Don Lemon is currently engaged to his long-time partner, Tim Malone. While news about Stephanie Ortiz being Don Lemon’s first wife took over the internet, Don Lemon found the love of his life in Tim Malone. 

The couple met for the first time in 2015, and almost a year later, in 2016, they started dating. Being a popular journalist, Don Lemon was open about his sexual orientation, and he came out as gay in his 2011 memoir, “Transparent.”

After dating for almost three years, Don Lemon and Tim Malone engaged in 2019. The couple had been waiting since 2019 for their marriage. They stated that the wedding was still on and they were waiting for the perfect time.