Debra Bollman: Viral Stenographer At Los Angeles Press Conference

Debra Bollman
Debra Bollman

The Internet is truly a crazy place. It can change your entire life in a single night. We are familiar with the stories of many such overnight internet sensations who took the cyber world by storm and earned the celebrity status enjoyed by many, which comes at the price of years of hard work. 

The life of Debra Bollam was nothing other than ordinary until one incident changed it entirely. Debra Bollman became a sensation after the incident. She was even reported to have an increase in the number of fans on her official social media handles, and she was also invited as a guest on some of the most popular shows on different channels. 

How Did Debra Bollman Become Famous?

That day was just like any other day at work for Debra. She used to work as an ASAP Sports stenographer. While it was a usual prank done by players where they use difficult jargon and sometimes big words that are not even related to their sports to confuse the stenographers while covering their press conference, 

It was a typical press conference at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for Debra, where the players of the Wisconsin Badgers appeared before the press and talked about the game.

It was during the press conference that Nigel Hayes, who was a sophomore forward for the team, made a comment about Debra. Assuming the microphone was not switched on, Nigel secretly whispered to one of his teammates that Debra looked beautiful. To quote his exact words, Nigel said, “God, she’s beautiful.”

To his amazement, not only was the microphone switched on, but everyone in the room, including Debra and the reporters, clearly heard what Nigel said to his teammates.

It took Nigel a few minutes to realize his mistake, and by then, the whole room had erupted into laughter. Nigel became so embarrassed and shy that he covered his face with his hands when he realized that his comment was audible to everyone. 

The video went instantly viral, and the world was eager to see the face of the person who Nigel described as beautiful, thus making Debra instantly popular. After the incident, she was seen as a guest on some popular morning news shows and other shows, where she shared the details of the following event. Debra mentioned that Nigel was very respectful and found the incident funny and sweet. 

Debra Bollman was around 43 years old at the time of the incident and was also a mother of three kids. In one of the following interviews, Debra mentioned having three kids, one of whom was a boy, and the other two were girls. While being asked about her kids’ reaction to the incident, Debra was very humorous, imitating their reactions in a very funny way. 

About Debra Bollman 

Debra Bollman currently lives in Norco, California. She is married to Anthony J. Farfan, and the couple has been together since marriage. Debra currently concentrates on her work and loves spending time with her husband and family. 

She is very active on social media platforms like Facebook, where she can be spotted sharing her happy moments and time with her family, friends, and loved ones. 

In August, Debra shared a post on Facebook in which she mentioned that it was her 25th year as a stenographer. Debra has a successful career, and during one of her assignments on the job, she encountered the event that led to her popularity. 

Debra Bollman’s Daughter, Sophia Bollman

In one of the interviews in 2015 following her viral video, Debra mentioned her three kids. In the interview, she said that her younger daughter, out of the two girls, was a singer and that she was also part of a band named Detour91. Her daughter, Sophia Bollman, did not give up her passion for singing and continued to follow her dream.

Sophia Bollman recently appeared on the hit singing reality show The Voice. Sophia Bollman auditioned for the reality show during the 13th season. She was a very talented singer and gave a wonderful performance in the audition. 

Sophia chose the hit song ‘Invincible’ by Kelly Clarkson for her audition, and she was able to make two chairs turn. Sophia ended up on Team Miley but was unfortunately eliminated from the show during the battle round. She lost the round to singer Brooke Simpson. 

In the show, it was said that Sophia was just a high school graduate when she appeared for the audition, and she mentioned that her mother was her biggest supporter. When Sophie was just 13 years old, she got involved with Kids Rock Free, a non-profit organization, and became part of two rock cover bands. 

During the time of her appearance in the show, Sophia was in a band named ‘No Surrender,’ which was an eight-piece band that included kids ranging in age from 12 to 17. 

Even though it has been seven years since the viral incident, Debra Bollman is still remembered by many for the event during the press conference. The video even surfaces on the internet and on social media platforms. 

Quite some time ago, a picture also surfaced in which Debra stood with basketball player Nigel Hayes, who made a sweet comment about her in 2015. 

Having the reputation of being a stenographer who can type 300 words per minute, Debra Bollman was pleased about the moments she got to be in the spotlight. If we scroll through the comments sections of her popular video, it can be seen that people still remember her for being the beautiful 43-year-old mother of three who stunned the then 20-year-old basketball player Nigel Hayes.

Nigel Hayes is currently 28 years old and has been a professional basketball player. He played in the EuroLeague and also the Turkish Basketball Super League. Recently, in 2021, Hayes changed his name to Hayes-Davis to honour his stepfather.