Control Your Employee Absenteeism to Control Costs

Control Your Employee Absenteeism

As an employer, I tried to reduce absenteeism of my workers in order to cut the company’s overhead. I am sure you all might have faced or presently facing the same problem. However, on a little research on my employees working pattern on the shop floor and the payroll sheets, I discovered some startling facts. It was observed, that a particular employee was absent on one specific day but it was not reflecting on the payroll, and as an employer, I am paying for the work not done at all. My organization was using card swiping and card punching system for attendance.

It was found that co-workers were swiping the cards or punching the cards of their colleagues. In other words, they were buddy punching. Another thing was also observed after brainstorming with the HR department that the employee incentives were not distributed properly. With buddy punching and lack of proper distribution of incentives the employee absenteeism increased and productivity decreased. These resulted in dipping revenue earnings for the company. As an employer, we all face these type of problems, and with proper tools, it can be quickly tackled.

Controlling Absenteeism

The first and foremost objective as an employer is to manage the employee absenteeism. By taking few positive corrective measures, we can effectively tackle the situation and turn the tables another way.

The first and foremost is to withdraw the age-old card swiping and punching system and install a biometric time clock that can only be accessed by the employees just putting their biometrics like fingerprint scanning, face detection or iris scanning. We all know, no two people have same biometric characteristics. So this totally cut down buddy punching type absenteeism. Nobody was able to give a proxy for anyone. The biometric time clock with the appropriate software recorded the actual clock in and out time and transferred the data to the central server of the office.

It was also calibrated to note down the overtime, the exact break time taken by the employee. The employees got cautious about the system in place and worked as per schedule. When the payroll was calculated it was done with ease by the accounts department as everything was crystal clear and smooth. The employees were also happy getting paid for the exact time they worked.

The second thing is to cut down absenteeism of the field staffs.

For them, as an employer, you can go for mobile-based GPS enabled apps of attendance. The field employs can no longer be present on the field yet absent in the real sense. You can track their real-time activities through the app, and all the information’s are stored in the central server of the office, and they are paid accordingly.

If any organization takes these two steps, as I did, you can cut down your employee absenteeism to a maximum level except for the leaves they can make as per government rules and regulations. Of course, while taking these steps employee benefits are also to be looked upon with a humanitarian approach.

We know an incentive motivates any employee to be present in the workplace and work hard giving more production output. As an employer, we all should provide employee incentive as an appreciation for their work. This incentive also reduces employee absenteeism drastically as all feel a sense of attachment to the organization and work with more enthusiasm. A happy employee tries not to take leave and comes to the workplace regularly.

Calculations of overtime & payments thereof are very critical. Installing the biometric time clock with software that can calculate the overtime with precision is always preferred as the employees get paid for every second of overtime they had done. So are the site staffs, who often work without any schedule considering the nature of their work in the field. When the employees see that they are correctly paid, they work sincerely and do not make it a point to be absent.

There are more other sophisticated methods too, like the cloud computing. But the mobile-based GPS enabled app or the biometric time and attendance clock along with proper software like works very well. We can surely reduce absenteeism of our workforce by introducing these modern technologies in our workplace. The primary objective is to cut off buddy punching and mobilizing the workforce in a productive environment.

When the employee sees that nobody can give proxy on their behalf, their absenteeism from the workplace shall definitely decrease. The art is how judiciously we control and regulate the rate of absenteeism amongst our employees taking some of the technological tools. We all want to earn money, be it employer or employee but a positive approach to the work is always welcome. Take the above measures and see.

Algorithmic Trading – The Future Of The Stock Market

Algorithmic Trading

Stock exchange traders who are curious about diversifying their financial portfolio might want to consider a different way of stock Trading .

The days are gone where calling broker to make an order or purchase and sell certain stocks may be norm. Today, a brand new and automatic method of trading makes purchasing and selling stocks more effective because of complex calculations which make automatic trading possible according to Sammy Lakhany Consultant.

Using algorates Trading platforms was generally employed by large investment firms that are able to afford such sophisticated tools however nowadays, these trading platforms tend to be more available to most popular trader.

What’s Algorithmic Trading ?

Algorithmic Trading is really a complex system which utilizes intricate mathematical appliances are utilized to see whether a regular ought to be bought or offered in a cost that will most help trader and/or minimize his deficits. The Trading platform uses several platforms like High Frequency Trading that analyses marketplace performance, conditions and amounts of liquidity before starting Trading . Unlike manual Trading where chance of human error is high,  danger here’s lower because computer works inside given parameter set combined with market information.

May be the System the near future?

Prospect of algorithmic Trading getting used along with other marketplaces besides stock exchange is plausible. The truth that working platform can evaluate market details are a powerful indication that you can use it along with other marketplaces like forex market, fixed earnings along with other Trading activities, more info here. One good reason for this is actually platform utilizes market data, news along with other information and mix those to develop a purchase or sell decision. Traders who’ve several financial investment portfolios would have ability to make use of this platform wonderful their Trading activities.

In the event you Consult a Trading Company?

Algorithmic Trading can be achieved by each investor, although they need to back test their formula several occasions to develop right calculation that will exercise on their behalf. Including getting understanding of GPU computing, risk analysis, developing mathematical system and carrying out several accomplishments. For individuals who’re interested but desire a shortcut, getting in touch with a Trading company that is an expert in algorithmic trading may be smartest choice.

This is correct way for traders who’re busy along with other activities, but are curious about generating more in market. Since many information mill trading in various stock investment portfolios, traders possess choices to broaden their investment portfolio without jeopardizing all their capital.

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic Trading involves using software applications that employs algorithmic programs to recognize potential purchases. Many online investment companies take advantage of algorithmic Trading software and methods to complete Trading . Fundamental arbitrage is among methods that take advantage of information for example rates of interest to check on for just about any market ineffectiveness. Another technique is using transaction cost reduction, benchmarking, gaming and icebergs.

High Frequency Trading

About most algorithmic Trading techniques may be high-frequency Trading or HFT that’s utilized by many popular Trading companies. The woking platform utilizes computer calculations to maneuver interior and exterior positions within stock exchange in only couple of seconds thus generating preferred tax treatment from firms that employ it. The HFT utilizes several arbitrage including market making, ticker taper Trading , occasions, record, news-based and occasional latency.

Advantages of Algorithmic Trading

One benefit of algorithmic Trading is it saves some time and provides convenience for that trader. Because financial marketplace is inundated with countless information, processing all details will need time which prevents one from coming to a choices and losing possibilities. Using platform, pc software uses several algorithmic processes that eliminate and remove unnecessary information and concentrate on important ones. Because this requires a couple of seconds or minutes to process, traders can certainly identify and place possibilities making better Trading choices.

Another advantage would be that emotional impact is removed along way. As human feelings wreak havoc having a trader’s choices, anxiety about lack of capital or avarice can directly change up the results of  Trading decision. By using Trading platform, choices are manufactured from factual basis and permit participants to reap profits rather than deficits. Additionally, it provides traders by having an edge against other traders especially individuals who depend on old market methods.

Chinese Corporations: How To Easily Go Public In The USA

Easily Go Public In The USA

How Does a Chinese Company Go Public?

As a global corporate strategies firm we are beginning to get many inquiries from foreign corporations that wish to take advantage of the rapid growth capabilities of trading stock in the US.

Getting set up with a consulting firm that specializes in fund-raising mechanisms such as private placement memorandum, direct public offering and/or taking one’s company public on the OTCBB can help a foreign entity obtain virtually instant gratification of raising large amounts of capital in an expedient manner.

Chinese companies typically have similar questions and concerns when they contact us such as:

How long does it take to go public? What are my options for raising capital with a US structure? Do I need to have an American corporation? How much equity should I give up to the public? Can I merge my Chinese company with my American company to strengthen the American corporation’s asset value? And How do we sell the stock to the public once we have a symbol and are ready to trade?

How long does it take to go public?

To go public on the OTCBB you need to have a solid business plan and corporate structure, usually a pre-public round is done with a Private Placement Memorandum to offer discounted stock in return for equity seed capital that will fund the ‘go public process’.

This process can take a few weeks to a few months, it all depends on the deal and what you’re offering the investors at this stage. Next you’ll want to do your third-party audit and your S1, after your audit is done and your S1 is filed you’ll enter into the ‘comments’ stage where the SEC is going back and forth with you or your lawyer or your consultant (whoever is helping you go public). The comments stage can be anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months, the more unorganized the company, the longer the audit and comments stage will take to complete. The average for an organized company with the audit and S1 prep done simultaneously is around 4 to 6+ months (the more unorganized the company the longer it takes).

What are my options for raising capital with a US structure?

Raising capital in the US happens quicker than in other countries because of the vast wealth in North America and its position in the global market place. Invest-able deals are all in the eye of the investor. The challenge is getting in front of investors with a track record of investing in your particular industry genre.

Do I need to have an American corporation?

Yes, to go public in the United States, you need to have an American corporation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to become your primary corporation. You can use one corporation as your operational entity and one as a subsidiary but to strengthen and stabilize your share price you’ll need to eventually show growth and assets in your US entity.

How much equity should I give up to the public?

This is a decision that will be made with your attorney and Board of Directors and the decision is based off of your company’s industry position, the value of empirical assets like equipment, contracts, patents, current foreign based share holders etc.

Can I merge my Chinese company with my American company to strengthen the American corporation’s asset value?

Yes absolutely. This is the most popular technique to show current and future shareholders that your company will be a long term public player. The more asset ’skin’ you are able to put in the game in the beginning the better for the longevity of your enterprise.

How do we sell the stock to the public once we have a symbol and are ready to trade?

During your ‘going public’ process you’ll be attached to a market maker.

The market maker, your consultant and your publicist will work together at all fronts to help you leverage your new public entity. Your publicist will have authors in newspapers and magazines do write-ups on your company as they help you label yourself globally as a new industry powerhouse, each of your executive team members will also have their own publicity strategies going as well so that your publicist can place them on expert TV and radio panels as industry experts which brings website visitation, new distribution opportunities, personal and corporate branding and investor confidence which is all conducive to an increase in your share price.

All of this will bring call volume into your market maker while they are selling your stock to new contacts as well as calling on their established database of investors. The process is typically audited quarterly by your consultant to find dead weight or weaknesses and tighten everything up.

Using the public fundraising strategies based in the US is a wise decision to grow your business. Finding the right consultant is crucial. The right consultant can make or break your efforts to go public in the United States.

Schwab Review

Charles Schwab reviews

Charles Schwab reviewsThe tools offered by Charles Schwab are ok, but they are nothing to get excited about.

Specifically, their charting software is where they go wrong. The charts have poor graphics and resolution, making them hard to read and understand. It is very difficult to recognize a trend on a Schwab chart. The charts still cover the standards such as volume bars, moving averages, and other indicators.

The stock screener presented on the Charles Schwab platform is best amongst its peers. It is easy to use, effective, and informative. You can screen based on a wide variety of fundamental and technical indicators with this tool.

What makes the Charles Schwab screener unique is its ability to screen specifically for foreign stocks with the exclusion of domestic rivals. This is useful when attempting to research emerging markets.

Charles Schwab has standard level two within their platform; however, they don’t offer any other special features. Schwab was the first online discount broker in the industry and has maintained its simple platform with simple tools for the novice trader.

Commissions: D

Commissions for this discount brokerage are definitely above average. For an individual who doesn’t make more than 120 trades per year, Schwab charges $12.95 per stock trade. If you are the type of investor who trades frequently enough to meet the 120 requirement, then you only pay $8.95.

Options trades are $8.95 plus $0.75 per contract. This online broker is specifically known for its superior broker assisted trades; however I have never used the service. A broker assisted trade will set you back $25.

There are no idle account fees with Schwab which is a plus; however, there is a $50 dollar fee for a full transfer to another broker. A partial transfer costs $25.

Customer Service: D

Schwab is probably the most popular online broker for stock trading, but its customer service is horrendous. When I tried to merge my two separate accounts with them they really screwed things up.

In fact, they accidentally mislabeled one of them as belonging to my sister, who also trades with Schwab. When they realized the error, they froze the account entirely and would not allow me to sell my recently acquired position.

The stock fell fast and I lost thousands. Finally, they tried to console me with 5 free trades at $12.25 value per trade.

Trade speed and reliability: A

Trade speed and execution is excellent with this discount brokerage. I have never had a problem with or a delay on any of my stock and options orders. The website has been consistantly fast and reliable ever since I opened my account 6 years ago.

Registration: B

Opening a brokerage account online takes about 15 minutes. You must provide your contact information, select the account features you want, and decide how you’ll fund your new account. Finally Schwab will ask you to verify the information and create a login name/password if you’re a new client.

Funding your account electronically is suggested with Schwab, since their customer service is poor.

When I first funded my account via check, the money didn’t appear in my account for 10 days. Fortunately, this discount broker is not opposed to an instantaneous wire transfer.

e-trade Review

etrade reviews

etrade reviewsE*Trade gives you a lot of control over your home interface with customizable options such as market watch, watchlists, and news. Like most online brokers nowadays, they offer hidden stops, bracketed trades, and trailing stops.

In particular, E*Trade provides a fair amount of investment articles designed to help you learn more about the markets. They also put an emphasis on their retirement planning and tax center.

Recently they added a Blackberry Application that allows the user to view real-times quotes and trade via mobile phone. The new technology is called Mobile Pro.

As far as charts go, E*Trade is one of the best.

Their charts are clear and come in many sizes. You even have the capability of saving your chart settings to be implemented on a later date, a feature that proves to be a major time saver in the long run.

Of course, charts come in varying time ranges and can also display indicators such as a volume bar.

E*Trade also implements a quality stock screener into their platform. You instantly sort through thousands of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs according to criteria on their database. They have custom screens, and pre-set screens depending on what you are looking for.

Commissions: F

If you make more than 1500 trades/quarter you pay just $6.99 per trade. If you only make between 150 and 1499 trades/quarter your cost is $7.99 per trade. If your account balance is over $50,000 or you make 30–149 trades/quarter, you pay $9.99 per trade. All accounts with less than $50,000 and if you make 0–29 trades/quarter, you’ll have to pay $12.99 per trade.

In conclusion, the average long term investor will be hit hard by E*Trades commissions. Of all the discount brokers I have reviewed, none charge more for a stock trade than E*Trade.
Some don’t find out until it is to late, but a quarterly $40 maintenance fee is charged on all accounts with less than $10,000. Below is a summary of stock and options fees.

Stock Commissions

Qualifications Cost per trade
Less than $50,000 in assets and 0-29 trades/quarter $12.99
$50,000+ in assets or 30-149 trades/quarter $9.99
150-1499 trades/quarter $7.99
1500+ trades/quarter $6.99

Options Commissions

Qualifications Cost per Trade plus cost per contract
Less than $50,000 in assets and 0-29 trades/quarter $12.99 plus $0.75
$50,000+ in assets or 30-149 trades/quarter $9.99 plus $0.75
150-1499 trades/quarter $7.99 plus $0.75
1500+ trades/quarter $6.99 plus $0.75

Customer Service: B

E*Trade is open for questions by telephone 24 hours a day and can also be contacted by phone or email. If you need to contact them in person, 20 offices around the nation are available for consultation.

Unfortunately, E*Trade has received many customer complaints about service all over the web.

I have compiled a list of the most frequent complaints they receive.

-locked accounts
-wire transfer difficulties
-confusion regarding their joint account programs

***Many many individuals with inactive accounts have reported that E*Trade will sell their stock without notifying them in order to pay the $40 maintenance fee.

Trade speed and reliability: A

It is reported that buying and selling on E*Trade is a breeze. Their platform is effective at trade executions and timing is reported down to the second. The trade-ticket offered by E*Trade for submitted an order is auto-populated for convenience.

Most importantly, E*Trade is known for executing trades promptly and at the best price possible. Few customers talk about E*Trade in a negative fashion in this manner. The speed of the website is also good.

Registration: A

It is very easy to register with E-trade and they have a reliable platform. Once an account is opened and money is transferred either electronically or by checking account, the investor is able to log in and navigate the site. The initial deposit required for this online discount broker is $1000.

You must specify your investment objectives, account options, and file proper documentation in order to start your account.

All the statements and confirmations are done electronically with this brokerage.

If you want more reviews, check out my Scottrade Review here.

Scottrade Review

Scottrade Reviews

Scottrade ReviewsMy Scottrade Review

Scottrade offers three separate trading platforms for their clients including, Scottrade, Scottrader, and Scottrade Elite.

Scottrade Elite is the most extensive platform designed for the most sophisticated trader. It includes news columns from both Comtex and Dow Jones, advanced charts, level two quotes, and stock screeners.

Scottrader is lacking level-two software, but it does come complete with the same streaming stock quotes and news provided on Elite. For the most basic trader, Scottrade Standard will provide basic quotes and research tools.

This online brokerage also displays a multitude of investment calculators on their site and holds online trading seminars for their clients.

These educational experiences are free to Scottrade customers and can be a great help on understanding complex markets.

Scottrade makes available impressive charts to its clients. They are nearly as good as some of the more expensive brokers such as E*Trade and TD Ameritrade.

Like E*Trade and TD Ameritrade, Scottrade allows the trader to save chart settings, and they offer fundamental and technical indicators to be incorporated within charts. However, Scottrade does not supply the PE history indicator within their charts.

This online brokerage also provides standard research tools, but they are not extraordinary. Their stock screener online allows for the screening of thirty-two different categories. For example, it will not allow you to screen for a specific market cap.

Scottrade reviews the market on their stock market update page thoroughly, and it updates it as news rolls in throughout the day. They have links to Reuter, MarketEdge, and Standards & Poor’s available to clients.

Commissions: A

The commissions schedule presented by this discount broker is all about discounts. They charge only $7 for an online trade over $1. Scottrade also tends to be very straightforward with their fees without resorting to hidden charges. At a straightforward price of only $7, day traders can save a lot of money in with this brokerage in the long run.

Finally, it only takes $500 to open an online account, an offer appealing to many inexperienced traders. Scottrade’s margin rate is 0.25 if your balance is below ten-thousand dollars.

Below is a detailed commissions schedule for this online discount broker:

Stock Commissions

Order Method Cost per Trade
Internet $7.00
Touchtone (IVR) Phone System $17.00
Broker Assisted $27.00

Options Commissions

Order Method Cost per Trade plus cost per contract
Internet $7.00 plus $1.25 / contract
Touchtone (IVR) Phone System $17.00 plus $1.25 / contract
Broker Assisted $27.00 plus $1.25 / contract
Option Exercises and Assignments $17.00

Customer Service: A

You can contact Scottrade by telephone or email. They also have over 400 branch offices throughout the United States open for consultation and assistance.

Unfortunately, Scottrade is one of the few large discount brokerages that do not offer 24-hour customer service. They also prefer to talk on the telephone when there is a problem rather than by email, a quality in our opinion.

This stock brokerage is dedicated to providing customers with outstanding service, both from its many branch offices and its headquarters in St. Louis. Scottrade claims to diligently train its customer service representatives on all levels of the business.

Trade speed and reliability: A

If you are looking to make standard stock and options trades, then Scottrade has excellent execution. They tend to get the best price possible and they don’t waste time. Their site is typically quick and reliable. We have not had any negative experiences or failed trade executions with this discount broker during our eight years of business with them.

Registration: A

There was a time in which Scottrade did not accept electronic funding or wire transfers, but recently they have updated their system. It is no longer difficult to fund an account with this online brokerage.
In general this discount broker has an easy to follow registration procedure. Scottrade reviews you account information filled out online and sends you an account opening email. Their new electronic funding capability, called Money Direct, will allow your account to be instantly funded the moment you finish reading your email.

Scottrade Brokerage Special Features:

***Scottrade has recently updated their platform to include a tool called Smart Text. Smart Text will accompany a chart such as this chart of GOOG and it will explain briefly what that chart means to investors. It provides insight useful in trading decisions.

scottrade smart text